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AnimaSonic Productions and RAworx Creative has supported and promoted the electronically activated creatives in the Austin and national music scene since 2010. Starting with small venues, finally landing at The Badlands Club (2012-2017) with the Active Radical Thought showcases (2014-2016). AnimaSonic was able to feature the wide range of diverse and eclectic styles. With the first Resistor event in 2017, AnimaSonic created an event that could merge all the aspects of technologically enhanced music and art.


​The first Resistor was held at Austin’s Vortex Theater and featured 12 hours of electronic musical performance and art, organized Ricardo Acevedo and Me Mer Mo’s Melissa Seely. Over 20 different musicians and artists came together to showcase a range of audio and visual experiences. This one-day event was a cultural and financial success for both the venue and AnimaSonic. Additional Resistor events were held the following year at Hive Mind Salon.



As Austin’s electronic and experimental music scene continues to grow and flourish, AnimaSonic believes the time has come to create a bigger, more encompassing event that would perfectly fit into the world of both artist and tech creator.

Resistor II in 2020 provided a community event merged fans and enthusiasts, artists and makers, and music and technology for a one-day event like no other.

Resistor III in 2022 was a line-up of highly regarded avant-grade and electronic musicians and visual artists shown via a streaming platform. 



Resistor embraces and values the diversity of our community.  It is our policy to be inclusive and mindful of this diversity with those who attend our events and in our interactions with others. We affirm all people regardless of their age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, are welcome in our spaces.

As a part of our commitment to developing and sustaining a vibrant community, we strive to create an environment of inclusivity through these principles:

  • We respect and affirm the dignity of each member of our community, and all members are welcome in our spaces to learn, participate, and be respected.

  • We are committed to providing and promoting a bias free environment and a safe space for all.

  • We will not tolerate any treatment that goes against our policies of inclusion - including, but not limited to, hate speech, bullying, and inappropriate conduct of any kind. Anyone with conduct against our policies will be asked to leave our spaces and be removed from our online communities.


RICARDO ACEVEDO: An artist, promoter and lifelong supporter of technology-based creativity. He is the founder of RESISTOR and lifelong electronic musician. He specializes in Public Relations and Artist Outreach.

SUSAN ACEVEDO: A volunteer and lover of the arts with a variety of organizational skills. She specializes in making sure all elements run smoothly and keeps the team on task.

MICKEY DELP: The founder and Chief Inventor at Delptronics, a programmer, engineer, teacher, artist, and electronic musician. Best of Austin

CURT GANEM: Live Multi-Media Producer at Proscenium Visual and works as The weird guy in the back 


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